Christine Jennings Wins in Faros, Gets Third Again

Christine Jennings Wins in Faros, Gets Third Again

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Christine Jennings finished third again for the second week in a row in Europe. Last week, she finished third overall in the 19.5 km BCT Gdynia Marathon in Poland, but she was the first woman by a comfortable margin.

Likewise this week in Croatia, she was third overall and the first woman in the 16 km Faros Maraton (also known as the Croatian International Long Distance Swimming Championships).

Her finish was mighty impressive considering the strength of the men’s field where Alexander Studzinski of Germany crossed the finish line first and Oussama Mellouli, the Olympic 10K gold medalist from Tunisia, finished fifth overall.

General Secretary Janez Maroević who works hard year-round to put on the race that was recognized last year by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, “The championships were wonderful this year with a sea temperature of 24ºC and an air temperature of 29ºC with the wind at 6 knots. Christine also beat course record of Linsy Heister set in 2010 in 3:13:31.”

The official results of the women in the 2013 Faros Maraton are below:

1. Christine Jennings (USA) 3:04:09
2. Alexandra Sokolova (Russia) 3:17:48
3. Jaana Ehmcke (Germany) 3:17:49
4. Sofia Petrenko (Russia) 3:20:15
5. Johanna Gerstbauer (Austria) 3:26:24
6. Lenka Sterbova (Czech Republic) 3:27:55
7. Evelien Sohl (Netherlands) 3:34:46
8. Lexie Kelly (USA) 3:35:42
9. Dina Levačić (Croatia) 3:36:07
10. Nika Percic (Croatia) 3:36:08
11. Noelia Petti (Argentina) 3:51:22
12. Lucija Aralica (Croatia) 3:56:45
13. Irene van der Laan (Netherlands) Netherlands 4:10:51
14. Mariana Mello (Brazil) 4:14:25
15. Katarina Verkic (Australia) 4:33:40
DNS Aida Ponce Del Castillo (Mexico)

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