Christine Jennings Wins The RCP Tiburon Mile

Christine Jennings Wins The RCP Tiburon Mile

Christine Jennings, who has burst upon the highest echelon of the elite open water swimming world, won the very tough and extremely competitive RCP Tiburon Mile in an extremely close race over Olympians Melissa Gorman and Chloe Sutton.

Christine was caught immediately after the race:

Christine came up on the Melissa towards the middle of the channel and finished strongly – exactly the same strategy that Melissa worked to perfection last year in her victory. “She did the same thing to me as what I did last year,” remarked the 2009 winner from Australia. “Now is time for a little time off [before the Australian open water season gets back in full swing].”

Christine, who placed a very respectable seventh overall, will have plenty of time to think about 10,000 different ways she can savor her victory in the 2010 RCP Tiburon Mile.

A sweet young lady who often downplays her true chances before races, Christine also gave a humble assessment of her chances before the US$10,000 winner-take-all race in San Francisco Bay:

The top 10 results in the women’s elite division (all non-wetsuit):

1. Christine Jennings (USA) 24:45
2. Melissa Gorman (Australia) 24:46
3. Chloe Sutton (USA) 25:02
4. Emily Brunemann (USA) 25:14
5. Luane Rowe (Australia) 25:58
6. Heidi George (USA) 25:32
7. Catherine Breed (USA) 27:20
8. Olivia Hughes (USA) 28:08
9. Natalie Malicki (USA) 28:28
10. Kathryn Taylor (USA) 28:34

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