Christof Wandratsch To Join International Ice Swimming Association Board Of Directors

Christof Wandratsch To Join International Ice Swimming Association Board Of Directors

Courtesy of Ram Barkai, International Ice Swimming Association.

On one hand, it makes sense that International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Swimmer Christof Wandratsch has risen to the top of the ice swimming world. He is a great pool swimmer, great channel swimmer, great professional marathon swimmer, and a passionate event director and promoter.

On the other hand, Wandratsch never really like cold water (sub 10°C) before. He did not even like cool water (12-16°C) and certainly had never been in ice water (5°C) before embarking on his incredible ice swimming journey and emergence into the world of extreme swimming. Over the course of his ice swimming career, Wandratsch has shown how acclimatization takes periodization, patience and passion – and he has done it remarkably well.

Ram Barkai, founder of the International Ice Swimming Association (IISA), announced today, “We have exciting news in the International Ice Swimming Association. Germany is one of our early adopters of Ice Swimming. With Christof’s leadership, Germany has grown Ice Swimming, leading to some great events, several word records, and a wonderful World Championship in the beautiful city of Burghausen. As IISA grows, we need to increase the wisdom and the experience on our board. Therefore, I have asked Christof to join the IISA Board.

Christof accepted the invitation and he will join IISA Board from April 1st. We welcome Christof, and are looking forward to having him on the board, adding his wisdom, experience, and lots of fun. Christof will step down as IISA Germany chairperson, following his appointment to the IISA Board. IISA and Christof will oversee changes to IISA Germany and its board.”

Christof Wandratsch of Germany in the Ice Kilometer at the 2015 World Ice Swimming World Championships in Murmansk, Russia

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