Chrysostomos Giannoulakis Wins Toroneos Gulf Marathon

Chrysostomos Giannoulakis Wins Toroneos Gulf Marathon

Courtesy of Juan Kyfo, Chalkidiki, Greece.

The Greek open water swimmer Chrysostomos Giannoulakis won the 48th International Swimming Marathon of Toroneos Gulf (ΔΙΕΘΝΗΣ ΚΟΛΥΜΒΗΤΙΚΟΣ ΔΙΑΠΛΟΥΣ ΤΟΡΩΝΑΙΟΥ ΚΟΛΠΟΥ) held in Chalkidiki, Greece.

Juan Kyfo described the event, “Competitors in the 26 km marathon swim faced beautiful weather and the flawless organization by Sithon, the race volunteers, the support crews, the coaches, local authorities, pilots and officials.

Among the competitors were 77-year-old Michael Read as well as athletes from the USA to Romania. Vasilis Tsikas who completed the race in 14th place was especially happy after his finish [see above].

The 49th edition will take place in July 2019.

In May 2019, a fictional and multi-lingual motion picture film inspired by the Toroneos Crossing called ‘A Swim Across‘ will be created by open water swimmer and screenwriter Ioannis Kifonidis and director Dimitris Giouzepas. It will be released in spring 2020

1. Chrysostomos Giannoulakis (Greece) 6 hours 18 minutes
2. Nikolaos-Vasilios Vrontakis (Greece) 6 hours 50 minutes
3. Vasilis Papathanasiou (Greece) 7 hours 11 minutes
4. Oscar Florit (Spain) 7 hours 18 minutes
5. Anastasios Kontzanastasoglou (Greece) 7 hours 39 minutes
6. Elena Meletiadis (Greece) 7 hours 41 minutes [1st woman]
7. Iordanis Papadopoulos (Greece) 7 hours 50 minutes
8. Iosif Seristatidis (Greece) 7 hours 59 minutes
9. Sofia Mpouzakis (Greece) 8 hours 9 minutes
10. Dimitris Hatzimoisis (Greece) 8 hours 22 minutes
11. Mark Miller (USA) 9 hours 1 minutes
12. Konstantinos Georgopoulos (Greece) 9 hours 6 minutes
13. Christos Deas (Greece) 9 hours 24 minutes
14. Vasilis Tsikas (Greece) 9 hours 34 minutes
15. Sofia-Eleftheria Panousis (Greece) 9 hours 54 minutes
16. Styliani Kountouris (Greece) 9 hours 55 minutes
17. Michael Read (UK) 10 hours 0 minutes
18. Ioannis Lambaditis (Greece) 10 hours 7 minutes
19. Symeon Mouratidis (Greece) 10 hours 33 minutes
20. Sergiu-Gabriel Halauca (Romania) 12 hours 11 minutes
21. Vasilis Koutlianos (Greece) 13 hours 0 minutes

Upper photo by Dimitris Giouzepas shows Vasilis Tsikas. Lower photo by Tom Sakis shows winner Chrysostomos Giannoulakis

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