Cinemaquatics At Its Best

Cinemaquatics At Its Best

The 9th Annual San Francisco Ocean Film Festival showcases cinemaquatics at its finest.

Skyler Thomas’ 2-minute film about how the ecosystem in South Africa went haywire after the near removal of the Great White Shark kicked off the festival. Julian Watson followed with a 54-minute film on Surfing and Sharks where he documents that 1 shark attack occurs for every estimated 1 million surfing hours.

This is Your Ocean: Sharks by Jim Abernethy showcased artists Dr. Guy Harvey and Wieland while Crustaceans of Ambon Bay by Nannette Van Antwep brings to the screen an amazing array of exotic creatures in Indonesia, from the bright and brilliant to the astonishingly camouflaged.

The Woman Who Swims with Killer Whales, a film by Mark Woodward, tells the remarkable story of marine biologist Ingrid Visser. The film shows Ingrid swimming among orcas in New Zealand, among the ocean’s most feared predators, that she has come to know nearly all by sight. An unusual number of recent deaths spurred her to investigate the cause. The film explains how her findings reveal disturbing new information about the health of the oceans.

For more information, visit the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival website here.

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Steven Munatones