Claire Bennison, Super Sixing To Help Others

Claire Bennison, Super Sixing To Help Others

Claire Bennison, an English Channel swimmer, completed the charity Super Six, that involves swimming Loch Lomond (in Scotland), walking Ben Nevis (Scotland), walking Scarfell Pike (England), swimming Windermere (England), walking Snowdon and swimming Bala Lake (Wales).

Claire walked over 10,000 feet up the three biggest mountains and swam over 38 miles in the three biggest lakes in the UK.

Due to her efforts, Claire has raised £10,400 to date, enabling the funding of 104 children for the Nema Foundation.

To put her endurance charity swim into perspective, she started her Super Six swimming across 24-mile Loch Lomond where only 46 successful crossings have been recorded by 38 solo swimmers according to the British Long Distance Swimming Association.

As Claire wrote in her blog, “There were moments on Loch Lomond which if I hadn’t been in pain from my neck, you would have felt an immense sense of peace. The water was calm and the scenery, even from my challenged vantage point, appeared quite stunning. We had two or three patches where the wind picked up and the water became quite choppy but otherwise we were lucky with this and the water temperature. However, the air temperature was a different matter and it was this that made me feel very cold. The swim team also suffered and I felt incredibly bad for them as they sat in a rib for nearly 15 hours with the rain lashing down nearly non stop. The amazing thing about the support team though is that on every feed all I received was smiles and positive comments.”

After a walk up Ben Nevis and Scarfell Pike, Claire tackled the 10.5 miles of Windermere, “Windemere alone is a challenging swim but after Loch Lomond and two walks proved extremely tough. The messages off support really helped get me through the low points so thanks again. I also started a mantra, I had to finish otherwise 61 children would not go to school, I had to finish. Then for some unknown reason, the vision of a shepherd pie became a focal point.”

After finishing Windermere and Snowdon, she completed the Super Six in Bala Lake (Llyn Tegid in Welsh, meaning Lake of Serenity). “I had never swam Bala before so again I could not locate where I was in relation to the swim – not that it would have made any difference as it was pitch dark. I did feel a few creatures nibbling at my legs and side of my face but my focus was just getting to the end. To say I was happy to end the swim was an understatement.”

Her endurance effort raised funds for those who have very little and no real means of raising the monies themselves. Claire’s Super Six certainly helped change the lives of others.

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