Clean Half Turns 50

Clean Half Turns 50

Doug Woodring has been at the intersection of marine environmentalism and the open water swimming world for many years.

There is a natural grassroots fit between the global community interested in resolving the increasingly polluted and over-fished marine ecology and the open water swimming community. Relentlessly and creatively, the native Californian has been in the forefront of developing a powerful dynamic between the two communities at the local level. His efforts are now expanding on the global scene.

Woodring’s Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim has been pushing a ecologically-friendly mindset among open water swimmers for some time. Besides trying to minimize the carbon footprint of an open water swim, Woodring also brings in innovative small touches like offering water and hydration in bamboo cups.

The 15km Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim will be held on October 6th in Hong Kong with a record turnout of almost 50 teams of 5 swimmers each and 10 soloists from around the world. “Open water swimmers can not only be the canary on the blooming jellyfish issue, but also the ambassadors on the world’s growing plastic and pollution disaster facing our oceans,” said Woodring at the Global Open Water Swimming Conference. “I fully agree with Lewis Pugh and his call for a Tactical Change on how we interact with our environment.”

For more information on how Woodring is suggesting Tactical Changes, visit Ocean Recovery Alliance.

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