Clean The Ocean…Practically How?

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Lots of open water swimmers organize and complete swims down rivers, in lakes, and across channels in charity swims to protect the marine environment or to bring awareness to plastics and pollution or a general theme of keeping the ocean clean.

All of these charity swims and environmental efforts are great.

But what are some practical society-wide or industry-wide innovative and practical solutions to the increasing pollution and amount of plastic in the world’s waterways?

The 5th annual Plasticity Forum, held on April 27th and 28th in Shanghai, China, can help answer that question.

Doug Woodring explains, “The Plasticity Forum enables important discussions on the future of plastic, and how to design for, and collaborate within, an engaged circular economy with global experts.

The theme of the 5th Annual Plasticity Forum is Material Solutions for Undervalued Resources.

Participants can learn on how plastic can be a key driver within a circular economy, how we scale solutions to do so, and what the opportunities are in various industries. People can learn about the future of plastic design, innovation, materials, recycling, supply chains, procurement, process solutions, and how to expand on what is already in the market, while reducing the logjams along the way.

Kim Siu will explain how Watsons Water started using 100% recycled PET for its bottles, that created demand for over 75 million bottles per year. Dr. Mike Biddle, winner of the 2012 Gothenburg Sustainability Prize, Economist Innovation Award and World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, will also be a keynote speaker of the event

Discussions at the Plasticity Forum will address issues such as:

*Opportunities in manufacturing for the use of recycled content
*Innovations that reduce plastic waste impact and improve brand value
*Reverse supply chain, bring-back programs and how to engage your customers
*Creating scale for circular economies within industrial and municipal environments
*Transforming waste streams into profit streams
*Examples of solutions that have scaled, and how to speed up others
*The recycling tipping point – transforming public beliefs and actions

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