Cleveland's Run A Clinic In The Open Water

Cleveland’s Run A Clinic In The Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Their family ties may not be direct, but their love of the open water has been consistent over decades.

With Marcia Cleveland‘s latest 11 hour 26 minute marathon swim across Lake Tahoe high in the Sierra Nevada mountains, her exploit brought attention to the swimming exploits of American swimmers whose names is Cleveland.

Cindy Cleveland, Anne Cleveland and Jeffrey Cleveland are among these marathon swimmers and have been open water swimming since at least the 1970’s.

Collectively, Marcia, Cindy, Anne and Jeffrey have crossed the Catalina Channel, English Channel, Santa Barbara Channel (from Anacapa Island), and Maui Channel (between Lanai and Maui), and completed the Chicago Skyline Swim, Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, Boston Light Swim, Swim Across The Sound, and swims in Huntington Bay (New York), Morse Reservoir (Indiana), Lake Minnetonka (Minnesota), Chattanooga Swim Fest (Tennessee), Lake Tahoe (California), Maui Channel (Hawaii) as well as a 74.7 km circumnavigation swim of Santa Catalina Island and across Monterey Bay.

Anne Cleveland, Marcia Cleveland and Cindy Cleveland are shown above at the 2011 Catalina Channel Swimming Federation banquet.

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