Climbing Up To Challenge

Climbing Up To Challenge

Courtesy of Nicolene Steynberg about the Madswimmers hiking up Mt Ojos del Salado in Argentina.

The Madswimmer group of 7 South African high-altitude swimmers, 2 medics, 4 support climbers, a tour guide and a cameraman were rising to the challenge – steadily towards the world’s highest altitude swim on Mt Ojos del Salado in the Andes Mountain.

But like swimmers at sea level, they knew to expect the unexpected.

There are more challenges. The team had some car troubles,” reports The Big Swim team.

But there was a mix of good news with the bad. “They now heading to Mnt San Fransisco on the Argentina and Chile border for some more altitude conditioning that turned out to be very hard, but they reached a new high of 5700 m. The plans and logistics keep changing from day to day as Jean [Craven] and the rest consult with Edwardo, the local expert on these mountains.

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