Closer Calls In Open Water Swimming

Closer Calls In Open Water Swimming

Contemporary civilian Global Positioning System (GPS) devices can be off by 5 meters or more.

Reportedly in May, the United States Air Force will beging launching the 11F generation of GPS satellites that will each transmit three civilian GPS signals that will enable GPS signals to be accurate within 1 meter.

Great news for open water swimmers who want precise information on their whereabouts and pace during training if they place a Garmin Forerunner 305 device under their swim caps (a hint of what to do is here).

After the GPS data on their swims are uploaded to MotionBased and overlaid on Google Maps, swimmers can learn their speed, distance and navigational course.

It is nice to be precise.

Photo above shows one of Jen Schumacher‘s Catalina Channel training swims.

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