Coach-to-Swimmer Communications In The Open Water

Coach-to-Swimmer Communications In The Open Water

Courtesy of FINIS, Livermore, California.

It is not legal in marathon swims, channel crossings or competitive races, but FINIS’ new Swim Coach Communicator would certainly add another layer of safety on night training swims or unprecedented wild swims in areas where coral reefs, sharks, garbage patches, heavy surf, fog, lightening, or jellyfish exist,” says Steven Munatones.

Imagine using the FINIS Swim Coach Communicator from the escort boat or kayak and you can speak directly to the swimmer who may be experiencing problems or who may be drifting too far away from your safety net?

The Swim Coach Communicator uses a Bluetooth signal to connect a smartphone to a receiver attached to the swimmer’s goggle strap to provide instant feedback, warnings or encouragement.

FINIS is offering a limited-time promotion for American Swimming Coaches Association members. Use the code asca2018 on to receive a 15% discount through the month of April.

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Steven Munatones