Elaine Kornbau Howley

Elaine Kornbau Howley

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Elaine Kornbau Howley is an American marathon and ice swimmer from Waltham, Massachusetts. She is a freelance journalist who contributes regularly to Outdoor Swimmer magazine and USMS’s publications, including SWIMMER magazine. She previously worked as Publications Manager at U.S. Masters Swimming and Managing Editor of SWIMMER Magazine . She was the 32nd person in history to complete the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming by swimming around Manhattan Island in New York (28.5 miles), Catalina Island to the California mainland (20.4 miles) and the English Channel (21 miles). She was the first person to swim the 32.3-mile length of Lake Pend Oreille in Northern Idaho and was the third person to complete the Triple Crown of Lake Monster swims . She was nominated for the 2014 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year and was featured in the 2016 MSF Calendar .


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