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I’m a passionate triathlete and triathlon coach.

I love helping athletes pursue and achieve their goals on a realistic and progressive process.

I’m also a passionate scientist always looking for interesting researches related to sports physiology.


As a passionate scientist and triathlon coach I do like to lead triathletes through a well known path towards medium a long distance racing.

I will usually stick to a classical general-especific periodization process, but I’m open to adjust this scheme according to the experience and autoknowledge of each triathlete.


I’ve coached debutant triathletes for their first super-sprint distance triathlon and guided them through their progression towards the Olympic distance.

I’ve helped experienced half distance triathletes improve their performance in such distance and guided them through their progression towards long distance triathlon and ultra distance triathlon.

WOWSA Certified Coach Level

Certified Coach Level 4

Type of Coaching

Couch to 1k
Racing 25k and under
Dry Land

Accreditation and Awards

IRONMAN Certified Coach
Certified Coach Level 3 by Mexican Triathlon Federation
Other Certifications
Physiology of Triathlon Level 1 by World Triathlon
Coaching Female Triathletes by World Triathlon

Training Plans Offered

I lead the Nixus Triathlon Team in Mexico City.

I offer a personalized training program for swimming, cycling, running and triatlhon, from short distance to ultra distance.
Personalized training programs are designed according to the athlete's experience, objectives, schedule and actual fitness level, with weekly follow-up e-mail and special eventualities adjustments when needed (job traveling, illness, injury...).

Follow-up is now available also by means of different sport app's, such as Garmin Connect, Strava, Adidas Running, etc.

For local athletes swimming, running and cycling sessions, either one-on-one or in group, can be scheduled.

Virtual or In-Person


How long have you been coaching?

9 years

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