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Make every stroke conscious, make every stroke count!

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My life as a freestyle swimming technique coach began out of personal frustration. I was a member of a training squad and felt my swimming plateau despite hours in the pool and open water. I finally had my stroke video analysed and was blown away! This was the answer to swimming efficiency and injury prevention. I wanted to help other swimmers see the light! After many hours of studying both the theory and observing many swimmers, I have developed a comprehensive philosophy around swimming technique efficiency. I bring these to light via my one-on-one swimming video analysis (in Johannesburg, South Africa) and via my online video analysis and coaching (worldwide) where I help swimmers identify what’s holding their swimming back!

I coach differently! I try and understand what drives my swimmers. I listen to their aspirations and concerns and developed specific training programs, adapting to their daily lives, illness or injury, guiding them on nutrition and cold water adaptation, checking-in weekly and motivating them frequently. The Robben Island Channel crossing is my playground, and I have coached many swimmers on a successful crossing.

I have successfully completed several marathon distance swims, including the Straits of Gibraltar, Robben Island, English Channel qualifying swim etc, but more importantly, I’ve come back from injury (broken bones more than once!) and the mental state that comes from long periods of inability to exercise or do what I love, swim! It’s the mindest of the swimmer that I am really interested in. How does one push oneself through the cold, the hours of sensory deprivation and the physical load? I’ve compiled a book of open-water swimming stories, (titled “One Stroke at a Time”) in my quest to unpack the resilience and mental state of the open-water swimmer.

I am passionate about helping people realise their full swimming potential, whether they are beginner open-water swimmers, pool swimmers or elite swimmers. I’m here to get you swimming faster.

Type of Coaching

Couch to 1k
Racing 25k and under
Marathon Channel Swimming

Accreditation and Awards

4th female South African to swim the Straits of Gibraltar, Author of "One Stroke at a Time" - 34 open water swimming stories.

Training Plans Offered

1 mile, 7k, Robben Island Crossing, Double Robben Island Crossing, Half and Full Ironman (swimming only), Midmar Mile, Midmar 8 Mile

Virtual or In-Person

In Person

How long have you been coaching?

6 years

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