Coastal Challenge From Clifton To 3 Anchor Bay

Coastal Challenge From Clifton To 3 Anchor Bay

Theodore Yach announced that a limited group of 30 experienced swimmers will meet at 3 Anchor Bay tomorrow for a 5.4 km swim from Clifton back to 3 Anchor Bay in Cape Town, South Africa.

The route will follow the coast line and finish at slipway at 3 Anchor Bay,” explains Yach. Sounds easy until he continues on. “Lifeguards will assist with water exit if conditions dictate. Safe exit points along the route will be marked with orange buoys – ambulance to follow swimmers along the route.

The ambulance will always be in contact with power craft. Dr. Sean Gottschalk [an emergency medicine practitioner] will be in attendance and will monitor all swimmers as they exit the water. Please report any ill effects to Sean and don’t attempt to treat hypothermia yourself

The new Atlantic Dash is the start of a tradition. “If all goes well the race will be held twice per year – mid April and mid November. The April timing is to allow swimmers to test themselves before the Freedom Swim in May. I do this swim as a training swim fairly often and it is a spectacular route and is the only sea swim that spectators can follow 100% as swimmers will not be more than 200 meters off the coastline at any point in the swim.”

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Steven Munatones