Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut oil can be a versatile product for open water swimmers.

There are various ways to reduce the potentially harmful effects of chlorine and other chemicals while swimming in a pool. One possible alternative is to use coconut oil. Where contemporary creams and lotions dominate the cosmetic market, natural ingredients like coconut oil are often overlooked.

For some, hair tends to get dry and lose its luster with regular exposure to chlorinated water. According to various studies, coconut oil provides protein needed by hair. If swimmers massage coconut oil before swimming, it can help fortify and protect the hair.

Many swimmers use water-based moisturizers or creams. In contrast, coconut oil has an oily texture that can help prevent chlorine reactions while swimming. The grease of coconut oil protects the skin from absorbing the chemicals in the pool water or in the salt water of the seas.

Coconut oil can also easily and quickly help remove the black ink of the race numbers of the skin after competitions.

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