Cold Calling Extreme Swimmers In Latvia

Cold Calling Extreme Swimmers In Latvia

LATVIA. Jack Bright will be at the Latvia next week to participate in the 2012 World Winter Swimming Championships.

He will also be recruiting swimmers capable of taking part in the Bering Strait relay, formally known as the 86K First Intercontinental Swimming Relay From Eurasia To America Across The Bering Strait.

With upwards to 68 people taking part in the 450-meter endurance swim at the World Winter Swimming Championships, Jack Bright will have the opportunity to look at many of the world’s best and most experienced extreme swimmers.

There are few people in the world who swim in 4-8°C water, repeatedly in a relay that may take over 35 hours. The mean water temperature in the Bering Strait of 5°C and we aer looking at 30-minute legs. In 5°C water, this will be OK for three swim legs per person over a 35-hour period. Five committed members of our relay team will be there: Anna-Carin Nordin, Paolo Chiarino, Alberto Salvi, Alexandr Brylin and myself.”

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Steven Munatones