Cold Half, Cold Plunge Ready to Start

Cold Half, Cold Plunge Ready to Start

After a long, unexpected delay, Shu Pu and the competitors in the 15 km Cold Half Extreme Marathon Swim and 1.5 km Cold Plunge are ready to start on May 22nd.  Pu said, “The race season is officially back and in full swing in Hong Kong. Thank you for hanging there through a tough period.  We know it hasn’t been easy. But the water temperature may be a slightly warmer than usual.”

The 15 km Cold Half Solo and Relay competition will have two separate starts from Stanley Main Beach. The 1.5 km Cold Plunge will start from VRC in Deep Water Bay, either wave start or time-trial format.  

Pu continues, “The jellyfish and sea lice season is upon us.  Swimmers can try this patented, highly effective preventative cream (click here using code JELLYFREEHALF for free shipping within Hong Kong Kong). Also, to mark and celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Cold Half, we have collaborated with Swiss sports brand CUORE to create a limited edition tech hoodie for swimmers.  Order here.”

For more information, visit here or or on Facebook or Instagram. The next race in Hong Kong will be the D’ag Dash on June 19th.

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