Cold Half Relay And Sub 3 Squared Options Offered

Cold Half Relay And Sub 3 Squared Options Offered

Doug Woodring, race director for the Cold Half race in Hong Kong, announced a new option for the Cold Half, “People can do half the race, then the other partner does the other half in. Or, they can rotate every 30 minutes.

The half way point is just after The Wall where the satellites are, just as you hit open water to go to Round Island, and just pass the last big rocks of the main cliff of the wall.

Additionally, five athletes at our Hong Kong event will be aiming for the elite club of Sub 3 Squared. The swimmers-runners will attempt to swim faster than 3 hours for both a 10 km swim and a 42 km running marathon at the Cold Half and Cold Standard double on February 15th

Sub 3 Squared is a multi-sport achievement that many triathletes have said they can accomplish, but the dual-marathon has yet to be accomplished on the same weekend.

The Cold Half race Facebook page is here.

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Steven Munatones