Cold Half To Become A Cold Standard

Cold Half To Become A Cold Standard

The 15 km Cold Half in Hong Kong was a great race,” reported event director Doug Woodring. “There was lots of wind and chop in the upwind leg, making it the most difficult 2.5 km.

The swells below the satellites did not fail to keep people focused as the waves bounced off the rock walls creating a huge washing machine effect. But the highlight was a downwind Wall run was great for those who had the energy to push with the waves

Fortunately, the sun came out and the jellyfish stayed at bay.

The swimmers want more. Next year, we will coordinate it with the Standard Chartered [running] marathon Hong Kong [held on the following day] which is the city’s biggest running race.

We will create the Cold Standard where people can do the 15 km Cold Half race one day, then run the marathon the next day. The trick is the [running] marathon gets sold out immediately when spots open, so we will have to notify those also interested in the swimming marathon to make sure they get into the Standard Chartered marathon first

Solo Swimmer Results:
1. Stuart Tait 4:46:28
2. Andrew Patrick 4:57:28
3. Tobias Frenz 4:59.18

Relay Results:
1. Harry Wright and Hannah Wilson 3:34.14
2. Simon Brewster and Ben Jesse 3:38:38
3. Scott Hobart and Chris Wilcox 4:01:28

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