The Cold Hard Facts Of Marathon Training

The Cold Hard Facts Of Marathon Training

With Joseph Locke‘s attempt at swimming 30 miles (48 km) from the Golden Gate Bridge through the Red Triangle to the Great White Shark haven of the Farallon Islands in water that started at 51°F (10.5°C) and then fell to 47°F (8.3°C) as the air temperature hovered just over 41°F (5°C), the amount of cold-water acclimatization training necessary to complete such a swim comes to mind.

How far do marathon swimmers push themselves in training? Incredibly and unbelievably long and hard.

With hardened swimmers from Sandycove Island (Ireland) to Cape Town (South Africa) and Melbourne (Australia) to Aquatic Park (San Francisco, California) becoming more numerous by the day, what are some of the toughest cold-water training sessions completed by swimmers out there?

Send your toughest workouts under the most difficult conditions (water temperature + air temperature + currents + waves) to Daily News of Open Water Swimming for future articles on tough workouts by hardened swimmers.

Photo shows Pavel Kuznetsov after his Channel swim.

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