Cold Water Or Your Money Back

Cold Water Or Your Money Back

Phil White exudes an air of confidence. You not only puts swimmers at ease, but he also puts his money where his money is.

He is touting the Georgeville or Bust as a 15-mile cold water swim on October 5th between America (Newport, Vermont) and Canada (Georgeville, Quebec).

With ice swimmers like Charlotte Brynn in the neighborhood and many cold-water marathon swimmers training year-round throughout the Northeast, White organized a long swim in the waning week of fall.

We have three patrol boats and 2 slots available for this swim between Newport and Georgeville on October 5th. Water temps are guaranteed to be below 60ºF (15.5ºC) or your money back. Cost is US$300 if you bring your own yacker. US$500 if you want us to supply a yacker. Each swimmer will also be provided a motorized patrol boat and pilot. A couple of friends or family members of each swimmer are welcome to join us as well. Feodor Orlov, 17-year-old from Ohio shown above, who captured second place at this year’s WOWSA 10 Mile World Championship at the Kingdom Swim is signed up. There is room for two more.”

Passports or an enhanced license is required. We cross the Canadian-US border on this swim. For more info, e-mail Georgeville or Bust.

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Steven Munatones