Colin Hill, Ella Foote, Cath Pendleton, Eden Elgeti, Neil Agius, Sophie Etheridge, Winnie Poaty to Speak at the Kendal Mountain Festival

Colin Hill, Ella Foote, Cath Pendleton, Eden Elgeti, Neil Agius, Sophie Etheridge, Winnie Poaty to Speak at the Kendal Mountain Festival

International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame honoree Colin Hill and Outdoor Swimmer Magazine editor and journalist Ella Foote will host The Merthyr Mermaid documentary film star and Guinness World Record holder Cath Pendleton, transgender marathon swimmer Eden Elgeti, Olympic swimmer Neil Agius, Adaptive and Open Water Swimmers creator Sophie Etheridge, and creator of the Win Outdoor Foundation Winnie Poaty at the Kendal Mountain Festival between November 18th – 21st.

The seven open water swimmers are among the featured speakers at the Kendal Mountain Festival, an annual, four-day celebration of outdoor adventure through films, literature, speaker events, music, art, dance and parties.

Ella Foote, the Outdoor Swimmer Magazine contributing editor
Colin Hill, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee
Ice swimmer and English Channel swimmer Cath Pendleton
Transgender swimmer Eden Elgeti

The speakers range from all kinds of outdoor activities and include men and women of all ages who lead extraordinary outdoor lives:

Mountain, Rock and Snow speakers come from the worlds of mountaineering, climbing, ski and snowboarding: Anna Taylor, Ben Tibbetts, Ed Jackson, Hillary Gerardi, James McHaffie, Jessie Leong, Josephine Scarr, Leanora Volpe, Leo Houlding, Ned Feehally, Paul Pritchard, Phil Young, Philippa Harrison, Rob Greenwood, Sam Anthamatten, Sarah-Jane Dobner, Shauna Coxsey, Valentine Fabre, Victor de le Rue, and Vivian Bruchez.

Adventure and Exploration speakers include those who journey to the highest peaks and wildest lands across our planet: Aldo Kane, Alex Roddie, Anna Blackwell, Anna McNuff, Belinda Kirk, Chris Jewell, Jason Mallinson, Jenny Tough, Julian Sanction, Keith Edwards, Monisha Rajesh, Olivier Testa, Ehna Yaseen, Rick Stanton, Shams, and Steph Dwyer.

Run and Hike speakers are those who extend themselves on fells, roads, fields and trails: Amira Patel, Boff Whalley, Charlie Ramsay, Christopher Gaskin, Eileen Jones, Elise Downing, Gary Devine, Huw Jack Brassington, Joss Naylor, Lowri Morgan, Martin Johnson, Mhairi Helme, Mirna Valerio, Nic Hardy, Nick Hunt, Rowan Ashworth, Charlie Allmond, Freddie Dixon, Sabrina Pace-Humphreys, and Sabrina Verjee.

Bike speakers come from the two-wheeled world and include: Ben Dowman, Christina MacKenzie, Christine Wheeler, Evie Richards, Hattie Harnden, Jack Lenox, Jools Walker, Kade Edwards, Lauren Macallum, Margey Dugon, Mark Beaumont, Marlon Lee Moncrieffe, Kade Edwards, Ruby Isaac, Saskia Dugon, Stefan Amato,

Water speakers who perform in rivers, lakes and oceans: Brendon Prince, Cal Major, Cath Pendleton, Chris Brain, Colin Hill, Eden Elgeti, Ella Foote, Jack Holland, Neil Agius [shown above], Rush Sturges, Sophie Etheridge, Veiga Grétarsdóttir, and Winnie Poaty [shown below].

Creator of the Win Outdoor Foundation Winnie Poaty
Sophie Etheridge, marathon swimmer and creator of Adaptive and Open Water Swimmers (ADOWS) Facebook page

Nature and Environment speakers who nurture the environment and care for the natural world include: Anita Sethi, Bridget Pitt, Fred Pearce, Jemma Wadham, Julie Brook, Karen Lloyd, Kate Davis, Neha Sinha, Polly Atkin, Richard Walker, Robert MacFarlane, Ruth Allen, Sicelo Mbatha, Tharik Hussain, and Yuvan Aves.

Industry speakers include: Christophe Raylat, Frit Sarita Tam, Guillaume Broust, Jonathan Hourigan, Keme Nzerem, Lee Craigie, Rhiane Fatinikun,

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