Colin Hill Makes A Long Impression

Colin Hill Makes A Long Impression

Speaking in front of an audience of endurance athletes is one thing. Impressing that same audience of endurance athletes is always a challenging chore.

But Colin Hill did it at the Kendal Mountain Fest, the world’s largest and most varied adventure film festival.

Standing in front of cyclists, mountaineers, kayakers, adventure racers and ultra runners on Endurance Night, Hill took the audience by surprise as open water swimming’s representative. “Open water swimming is totally different and out of their comfort zone. I started with the [2012] Olympics showing elite racing and how that has brought long distance swimming into the mainstream, then moved onto traditional long distance swimming, the [English] channel, swimming in different global swims, the reality of living in the UK, cold water swimming, ice mile, International Winter Swimming Association and the Big Chill Swim Salford and Big Chill Swim Windermere.

It was nice to be able to show people how varied, exciting, accessible and challenging open water can be

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Steven Munatones