Colin Hill On This Week's WOWSA Live

Colin Hill On This Week’s WOWSA Live

Colin Hill On This Week’s WOWSA Live

Courtesy of WOWSA Live, Huntington Beach, California. Colin Hill, a proven English Channel swimmer with an eclectic background as a kayaking guide and adventurer throughout the world, is one of open water swimming’s most visionary race director and head of the Great Swim Series. He explains the details and background of the highly popular and incredibly successful Great Swim Series on this week’s WOWSA Live.

In the British Gas Great Salford Swim, the Great East Swim, the Great North Swim, the Great London Swim and the Great Scottish Swim, tens of thousands of swimmers annually take to the lakes, lochs and docks of Great Britain, creating a phenomenon in the open water swimming world.

Hill describes how every part of this televised series is carefully planned and professionally executed by a team of dedicated volunteers and experienced staff. The Great Swim Series brings together swimmers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds as well as many of the fastest elite from all corners of the world. Obstacles are overcome, solutions are made and a well-crafted safety plan protects all. His views of the future of the sport of open water swimming – both on the competitive side and for the masses – is refreshing to hear and wonderful to imagine.

Listen to Hill on WOWSA Live.

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