Collins On The Kattack

Collins On The Kattack

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The swimming world has long borrowed and adapted tactics, training, and technologies from other sports. Intervals, fartlets, video analysis, gel packs, racing chips are a few things borrowed from the sporting world.

Ron Collins has now adapted a technology from the sailing world on behalf of the open water swimming community.

Collins will use Kattack, an easy-to-use mobile application, in the upcoming Tampa Bay Marathon Swim. While Kattack provides sailboat race playback for yacht clubs, fleets, sailing schools, college programs, coaches and regattas, it was developed by sailors to help them improve their boat handling, tactics and strategy.

Collins has always been ahead of the game.

In 2012, the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim was one of the first open water swims that provided an online live GPS for its swimmers. In 2014, Collins will offer the same tracking feed with some additional features. He explains below:

1. Before race day, go to the app store or play store and search for Kattack Mobile 2. On race day, each swimmer and relay will need to take along a smart phone that will relay GPS updates 3. On race day, visit to see the link and the graphic display of the race. To view the race, you will probably need to visit to download and install their player.

For your convenience, the Kattack Mobile Facebook page has instructions. The Kattack Mobile tracking App is free and available for both iOS and Android.

When you first start, it will ask to define a boat, use the swimmer’s name, or the relay name, then pick “The Tampa Bay Marathon Swim” as your race feed. Turn tracking on, that’s it. You can see more about Kattack at its Facebook page or visit Kattack’s website here.

16 swimmers and 4 relay teams will compete in the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim:

1. Samantha Simon
2. Lisa Hertz
3. Thomas Bell
4. Kevin Joubert
5. Gabriel Viti
6. Thomas Hintz
7. Willy Blumentals
8. Bridgette Hobart
9. Carl Selles
10. Ann von Spiegelfeld
11. Dan Fritz
12. Arnie Bellini
13. Bart Cobb
14. Genevieve Mackwood
15. Brian Lanahan
16. Steve Faulkner

17. Bull Shark Beach Open Water Swim Club (Big Donald Lutton, Andrew Lutton, Christopher Beach, Bubba Drody, Juan Cue, Scott Linebaugh)
18. Delmarva Dogfish (David Speier, Jennifer Underwood, Jeffrey Benner, Charles Potterton, Bruce Anderson)
19. Kona Kaizen (Vince Schaper, Hadar Aviram, Cynthia Thomas)
20. SYSM Shark Bait (Fernette Ramnath, Terri Goodman, Marty Rauch, Ray Becker)

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