Competing In The Hallowed Waterways Of La Jolla

Competing In The Hallowed Waterways Of La Jolla

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Other than the world-famous Aquatic Park in California, there is arguably no more hallowed venue in the open water swimming community on the West Coast of America than La Jolla Cove.

The 439 miles (706 km) of California shoreline between La Jolla Cove near San Diego and Aquatic Park in San Francisco includes all kinds of sandy shores and rocky cliffs. This highly populated coast is anchored by these two open water meccas that are headquarters for some of the most renowned pods in the American open water swimming world: the La Jolla Cove Swim Club in the south and the Dolphin Club, and the South End Rowing Club in the north.

One of the early summer classics held in La Jolla is its annual Scripps Pier-To-Cove Swim, held June 21st this summer.

Race director Dan Simonelli explains, “The 2.5 km swim will start on the north side of Scripps Pier and will finish at La Jolla Cove, where fresh, hot Mexican food as well as hot and cold drinks will be served. There is a 90-minute time limit. San Diego lifeguards will provide support including a boat, jet skis, and paddle boards. We will offer free shuttle services from the Cove starting at 7:30 am until 8:15.”

Last year’s results are below:

2013 Bioprene Division Results (men):
1. Tom Anderson (18) 33:20.19
2. Alan Voisard (53) 36:08.18
3. Todd Walsh (43) 37:00.06
4. Damian H Wallace (43) 37:39.58
5. Mike Lewis (48) 38:35.29
6. Ethan McVeigh (13) 38:39.92
7. David Hughes (38) 38:52.42
8. John Gleason (56) 39:35.85
9. Westin Waldburger (17) 39:52.79
10. David Smith (47) 40:16.37

2013 Bioprene Division Results (women):
1. Courtney Weigand (23) 37:04.69
2. Spencer McVeigh (15) 37:08.88
3. Haley Chasin (16) 37:35.36
4. Rachel Wills (29) 39:20.55
5. Isabella Back (13) 39:48.84
6. Kim Leigh (44) 40:43.45
7. Cindy Walsh (50) 41:47.24
8. Clare LeGuyader (24) 42:06.23
9. Erin Brown (44) 42:22.86
10. Kelley Schall (24) 44:20.61

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