Confident, Competent Lifeguards On Duty

Confident, Competent Lifeguards On Duty

We recently re-certified as lifeguards in California for USA Swimming and were shocked to see the swimming abilities of the applicant lifeguards. Out of the hundreds who were taking the certification tests with us, there were a handful of very competent individuals, all of who came from the pool swimming, water polo or surfing communities.

However, we were genuinely disappointed to see the lack of swimming competence and confidence among the greater applicant pool.

While the current generation of 16-26 year olds are arguably the most generally unfit of any generation in American history – and easily the most overfed – we are hopeful that the swimming capabilities of lifeguards can be improved through education and training.

And here is another good reason to know how to swim – and to keep an eye out for others while at the beach, lake or river, especially in the city of Phoenix, Arizona: Watch this television report on lifeguard recruitment in Arizona: Fox News.

Photo shows a very competent lifeguard on a stand-up paddle board at this weekend’s Swim Miami race, courtesy of Jim Winters of Nikon Miami.

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Steven Munatones