Conscious Intelligence In These Trying Times

Conscious Intelligence In These Trying Times

Conscious Intelligence In These Trying Times

Courtesy of Eric Erenstoft,

In this turbulent, trying, and tumultuous environment we are in, it is my humble inspiration to offer the navigational instrumentation of Conscious Intelligence as a key way to reboot, pivot, and invite powerful perspective for change and balance.”

10 years in the making, Eric Erenstoft’s book, Conscious Intelligence is now available.

He explains, “Conscious Intelligence is a revolutionary approach to illuminated perspective. How we see the world has a lot to do with how we participate in it. Employing the tools of Conscious Intelligence poises us to attain clarity and perspective within our circumstances to bring about optimal results — to respond optimally rather than react hastily.

Cultivating Conscious Intelligence elevates conscientious leaders to connect their highest valued intentions to their purpose driven actions in order to perform optimally– what does that mean? Connecting Intention to Action by illuminating perspective, optimizing responsiveness, and cultivating conscious leadership. The accesses to achieve this are nuanced and are explored in the framework of Conscious Intelligence.

Most of us operate on the false notion that our circumstances dictate the path and trajectory of our life. The thing is: We are not our circumstances. Our circumstances are not us — unless we either allow them to be or are unaware we have choice in the matter.

When we reach overwhelm, be it from stress, high-pressure or anxiety, due to the circumstances becoming unstable, disrupted, even hijacked — we tend to make hasty decisions rather than informed ones. We react rather than respond because we are in a state of fight/flight trying to survive. As a result, we are not strategizing, we are just trying not to drown.

We cannot always control our circumstances, but we can control how we conduct ourselves within them

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