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Category : Offering of the Year
The app turns your smart watch into a more accurate GPS swim tracker.
199 Votes

Maratona Aquática

Category : Offering of the Year
Maratona Aquática. Das Piscinas As Aguas Abertas O Guia Definitivo Do Treinamento Para Nadadores E Triatletas is a Portuguese-language guide filled with details, explanations and specific workouts written by Diogo Zoppi
3080 Votes

Der Mensch Als Fisch

Category : Offering of the Year
The biography of Otto Kemmerich by Erik Eggers covers the German Hall of Famer's prolific and adventurous career as a solo marathon swimmer.
6 Votes
The new Orca SW Wetsuit is packed with innovative safety features that represent a new wave of technology in open water swimming.
46 Votes

Wave Warrior

Category : Offering of the Year
Matt Wild of BrewBabu celebrated Jonathan Ratcliffe's Oceans Seven achievement with a pale ale called Wave Warrior.
9 Votes

Why We Swim

Category : Offering of the Year
Bonnie Tsui's book, Why We Swim, explains why people enjoy swimming from the frigid cold to the tropical warmth - as told from myriad perspectives in San Francisco Bay, Japan, and Baghdad.
17 Votes
Patrick McLennan and Samuel Smith captured the heart and soul of the swimmers of Hamstead Health in the documentary, THE PONDS, Still Waters Run Deep.
10 Votes

Strong Like Her

Category : Offering of the Year
Strong Like Her. A Celebration of Rule Breakers, History Makers and Unstoppable Athletes is a book that shares stories of female athletes with historic achievements that were mind boggling and record-shattering.
19 Votes
Howard Means takes readers of Splash! 10,000 Years of Swimming through the history of swimming from mankind's earliest ventures to the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.
12 Votes

RIO by Lucas Rivet

Category : Offering of the Year
Lucas Rivet produced an inspirational documentary RIO, that follows Anthony McCarley's difficult passage between Argentina and Uruguay
193 Votes
Mark Johnston created the Open Water Virtual Grand Slam, a multi-month catalyst and online social group that kickstarted hundreds of swimmers to join the growing global community of open water swimmers.
184 Votes
Edward Beck, a pharmacist, recognized the growing need and developed Ocean Grease, a range of anti-chafing lubricants made from a combination of anhydrous lanolin (wool fat) and petroleum jelly
24 Votes

OceanFit by Andre Slade

Category : Offering of the Year
Andre Slade of OceanFit saw a need to encourage and educate new open water swimmers as the pools were closing for COVID-19, so he created a series of in-person trainings free of cost.
92 Votes
The NOAA National Weather Service and Bruckner Chase teamed up to create a series of safety videos called "Wave Safe with Bruckner Chase."
62 Votes

Marathon Swim Stories

Category : Offering of the Year
Shannon House Keegan saw the effects of COVID-19 on the swimming community and built out an inspiring and friendly podcast, Marathon Swim Stories.
102 Votes

Mallorca Open Swim

Category : Offering of the Year
Boris Nowalski organizes the Mallorca Open Swim in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.
194 Votes

Kosatka DV

Category : Offering of the Year
Kosatka DV organizes and trains people for extreme swims, eco-marathon swimming relays, and other open water swimming adventures.
19468 Votes
Christopher Guesdon and a panel of five inducted the innaugeral class of the Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.
12 Votes

It’s Not About The Swim

Category : Offering of the Year
Nuala Moore helped educate and welcome new swimmers, brought on by the COVID-19 restrictions, by providing helpful webinars on It's not about the swim.
452 Votes
Yasu Fukouka has created the first lifestyle brand that really speaks to swimmers.
49 Votes
A 16-person swim expedition to Antarctic with multiple swims at near freezing temperatures in the Southern Sea.
12537 Votes
The Galilee Marathon Swimming Association was able to plan, prepare, and promote the longest and most difficult swim in Israel, despite COVID-19.
93 Votes

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