Abhejali Bernardová (Czech Republic) – World Open Water Swimming Association

Abhejali Bernardová completed the 1,111 km English Channel Triathlon where she swam across the English Channel in 15 hours 33 minutes.


Abhejali Bernardová is the Oceans Seven swimmer from a landlocked country and an ultramarathoner who quietly and unassumingly continues to push the bar of human endurance. After swimming the 33.5 km English Channel, she completed 895 km of cycling, and 182 km running that took her 7 days 12 hours from Dover to Prague, Czech Republic.

Why she was nominated

For inspiring others in the midst of a pandemic and continuing to seek her endurance potential in the water, on foot, and on a bicycle while maintaining a calm demeanor, a bright smile, and a friendly disposition.


Czech Republic


Woman of the Year


Abhejali Bernardová

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  • VasantiNiemz



    Rooting for our team member! Hoping all your Czech and international fans will take the trouble to register and vote! What an honour to be nominated (again) together with such an amazing group of other great open water swimmers!

  • Kupfer_Svetlana



    Bravo, Abhejali!!!!

  • madhurimaknezevic



    Bravooo Abhejali, you are a true hero.

  • RamitaHeart




  • kedarvideo



    Congratulations Abhejali! The Swiss Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team is proud of you. All the best for the future.

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