Abigail Fairman (USA) – World Open Water Swimming Association

Abigail Fairman was never far from swimming, crewing, kayaking, coaching, mentoring, and inspiring open water swimmers in addition to doubling up on her marathon swims, pioneering courses along the way.


Abigail Fairman completed three unprecedented double crossings. In July, she completed a 48.8 km double Stage 4 of 8 Bridges in New York. In September, she completed the first 20 km double Bridges to Bluffs in Tennessee that was the inspiration of a new swim. In December, she completed the first 37.2 km double circumnavigation of Coronado Island in California. She also completed a single Around-Coronado Swim in January, a Catalina Channel crossing in August, and set a record for a tandem Ederle-Burke Swim in October. She also serves as Head Coach of Red Tide Masters in New York and was a CIBBOWS swim instructor where she coached 9 marathon swimmers and kayaked or crewed at SCAR Swim, Kingdom Swim, Lake Tahoe, Three Rivers Marathon Swim, and multiple Around-Coronado Swims.

Why was she nominated

For constantly demonstrating courage and perseverance while exuding confidence and compassion to the swimmers around her, for providing coaching and support to others while pioneering swims and setting marathon swim records herself.




Woman of the Year


Abigail Fairman

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