Aloo (Mexico) – World Open Water Swimming Association

Aloo is a new documentary film by director and screenwriter Gerardo Flores Ruiz about the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming journey of Mexican open water swimmer Rene Martínez Saenz.


Rene Martínez used swimming to contribute to the protection of marine life in his home country of Mexico. He wanted to prove that an average person could achieve great things. It started with his first 10k, when he became lost and dehydrated, but went on to complete the English Channel, Catalina Channel and Swim Around Manhattan.

Aloo is a new documentary film by director and screenwriter Gerardo Flores Ruiz about the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming journey of Mexican open water swimmer Rene Martínez Saenz, a member of Protección y Conservación Pelágica AC, a Mexican non-profit organization whose mission is to protect open ocean marine life in Mexico.

Why it was nominated

For inspiring others to do something challenging, get out of their comfort zone and help change the world.




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  • teresaRobles



    super video y gran logro de Rene !!! un orgullo tenerlo como amigo

  • palomapaloma



    Picudisiiiimoooos Rene y gerafloe!!! ❤️❤️

  • ana mary mondragon

    ana mary mondragon


    Rene es un orgullo para nosotros los Mexicanos y también en la familia. Determinación, sencillez, disciplina y persistencia!! Felicidades René !!

  • pedromanzano



    gran pieza documental, felicidades!

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