Gregorio Paltrinieri – World Open Water Swimming Association

2016 Rio Olympic gold medalist Gregorio Paltrinieri is setting himself up to achieve the exceedingly difficult Mellouli Double: winning Olympic medals in both pool swimming and marathon swims at one Summer Olympic Games



Gregorio Paltrinieri is getting faster in both the pool and in the open water at the same time, a feat thought impossible by pool coaches. He broke the 1500m freestyle European record at the Sette Colli Trophy in Italy, whle simultaneously training for the 10 km marathon swim, 800m and 1500m freestyles at the Tokyo Olympics.

Why it was nominated

For breaking the 1500m freestyle European and Italian national records in 14:33:10 while simultaneously preparing for the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim, 800m and 1500m freestyle pool events at the rescheduled Tokyo Olympics.




Gregorio Paltrinieri

  • 01/07/2021

    Bravo bravo for Gregorio+++