Kate Steels (Great Britain) – World Open Water Swimming Association

Kate Steels completed the Ice Sevens, only the third person in history to achieve this feat despite the emotional trauma and heartache of losing her only child, Daniel, and recovering from surgery to treat a brain aneurysm that threatened her swimming career.


Kate Steels achieved the Ice Sevens that required her to complete 7 different Ice Miles in Europe, Oceania, Asia, North America, Africa, South America, a Polar location including a Zero Ice Mile. She concurrently serves as the Chairperson of the International Ice Swimming Association Great Britain and as board Secretary for the global International Ice Swimming Association. She was Inducted into the International Ice Swimming Hall of Fame in 2020.

Why she was nominated

For completing one of the hardest and most logistically difficult achievements in open water swimming and raising money for Suicide Prevention. For remaining humble, reserved, and unassuming, and for inspiring others as a coach, friend, and motivator.



Great Britain


Woman of the Year


Kate Steels

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  • joanna



    Huge achievements and you are a true inspiration to SO many people, both in and outside of the sport!

  • SallyBird



    Absolutely amazing Kate, you so deserve to receive the WOWSA Woman of the Year Award 2021. Everything crossed for you. x

  • rob.atton@ifsworld.com



    I remember watching Kate do an ice mile once, the sheer endurance coupled with the physical stress was amazing and inspiring. It showed just what dedication and training is required to complete this feat, over and over again. She has been an inspiration to many young people at the clubs she has been a member of, including my daughter who the swam at the last National Cold Water Championships under her mentoring. Kate, you deserve this for everything you have done and everything you give back. xx

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