Lake Baikal Relay Eco Crossing – World Open Water Swimming Association

5 Russian swimmers completed the 50 km Lake Baikal Relay Eco Crossing in 16 hours 11 minutes, swimming in 30-minute rotations as the water temperature fell from 14°C to 12°C with the air at 5°C.



Situated in Eastern Siberia, 5 Russian swimmers completed a 50 km course across Lake Baikal in 16 hours 11 minutes as the the winds increased and conditions worsened until the water temperature dropped from 14°C to 5°C over the final 2 km.

Why it was nominated

For dealing with increasingly colder and tougher over the 16 hour 11 minute relay and dealing with repeated back-to-back immersions in cold water across the deepest lake in the world.




Oleg Dokuchaev, Maria Chizhova, Pavel Komarov, Eugene Zozulya from Vladivostok and Andrey Bugay

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