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Shannon House Keegan saw the effects of COVID-19 on the swimming community and built out an inspiring and friendly podcast, Marathon Swim Stories.



When COVID-19 hit and the pools and shorelines closed as a result, open water swimming coach and mentor Shannon House Keegan took to the internet. Keegan saw the parallel between the tumultuous times of a marathon swim and the pandemic, she decided to catalog the ways that marathon swimmers endure, adapt, and overcome in her new Marathon Swim Stories program. More than just a podcast, Marathon Swim Stories is a place for like minded limit pushers to connect. If you can’t make the weekly calls, watch on YouTube (CC), or subscribe to the podcast and take it with you. Whether you’re a seasoned marathon swimmer, aspiring marathon swimmer, or just intrigued, we’re all in a marathon pandemic now! Perhaps something can be learned from these remarkable endurance athletes. If the stories are too long, check out Marathon Swim Shorts!

Why it was nominated

For establishing a friendly, educational and inspirational corner of the Internet entirely and specifically dedicated to open water swimming in various forms, for serving as an motivational ambassador and experienced coach for a growing number of people from all walks of life, and for providing thousands of enjoyable downloads for open water swimmers to listen


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Shannon House Keegan

  • Jaimie



    Such a great program to get swimmers together when many can’t be in the water. Thank you Shannon!

  • Alexey




  • Alexey




  • Molly Nance

    Molly Nance


    This wonderful online community kept many swimmers afloat during the pandemic! Getting to know the stories behind marathon swimmers of all types was inspiring and educational. Shannon has developed a priceless archive of marathon swimming history.

  • Bridget Simpson

    Bridget Simpson


    A fabulous resource! Shannon’s enthusiasm is a gift, and it has been a great pleasure to participate in her meetings and meet so many swimmers and people who support swimming! More! More!

  • Joyce House

    Joyce House


    You have done a great job creating your podcast, inspiring your passion and the passion of many other marathon swimmers and bringing them together to share their stories. I’m proud of you.

  • Maxine Braude

    Maxine Braude


    So proud of what you’ve accomplished!

  • Pam Bothello

    Pam Bothello


    So inspirational on many levels!

  • GeriMathewson



    Fantastic show!!! Shannon does a terrific job!

  • 01/21/2021

    After each episode, I find myself wondering ‘What am I capable of?’ You don’t have to be a swimmer to find inspiration and enjoy this podcast, although I would venture to say that if you listen long enough there is a good chance you’ll begin to consider dipping your toes in the water. I know I am. Great work, Shannon!