Mayra Santos (Brazil) – World Open Water Swimming Association

Mayra Santos pioneered a number of swims for women in her adopted country of Portugal.


She was the first woman to complete a 17 km crossing between Ponta do Pargo and Porto Moniz in 5 hours 37 minutes in May, 45 km along the River Zêzere in June, 20 km crossing between Porto Moniz and Ponta Delgada in 6 hours 25 minutes in August. She completed a 30 km Madeira Island Ultra Swim in 9 hours 7 minutes in September, breaking her previous record.

Why she was nominated

For continuing to explore her potential in marathon swimming after setting the Guinness World Record for the Longest Continuous Swim in a Counter-current Pool in 2020, and for serving as a personable inspiration for many others.




Woman of the Year


Mayra Santos

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  • Minh HaLo-Cicero

    Minh HaLo-Cicero


    She is the best swimmer, and nationally and of course internationally as she got many titles; she deserves to be the woman of the year 2022. She is competent in swimming, persistent, very modest, and she has a very beautiful freestyle (crawl). Hope she will get this title. I support her always. I admire her, really.

  • Mayra Santos

    Mayra Santos


    Oh my god, thank you so much for your support✌??✌??

  • PaulBeukelman



    I enjoyed Mayra (and her family’s) company when I met them during a visit to beautiful Madeira Island in November 2019. I found her to be a warm hearted person, very passionate about her chosen sport – long distance swimming. We jointly undertook long distance swimming along the sea front of Madeira to the harbor, and watched the big cruise liners enter the harbor, admiring beautiful marine life. She has a very relaxed swimming style – well suited to long distance swimming due to its efficiency. She has promoted long distance swimming in both her country of birth (Brazil) and her country of residence (Madeira, Portugal). She truly deserves the award of WOWSA female swimmer of the year!

  • Pablofarina



    Muitos parabéns Querida Mayra muitos parabéns, tudo de bom para ti muitos sucessos

  • Aurélio Davide

    Aurélio Davide


    Força Mayra ??

  • TerenceErasito



    I would like to vote for Mayra Santos as a recipient of the prestigious WOWSA Female Swimmer of the Year Award not just for her undeniable swimming prowess but particularly for her outstanding character and potential for a being an amazing ambassador for open water swimming and WOWSA. I met Ms Santos during an Open Water swim race in a world sports swimming event (i.e. FINA Masters) in 2019 in Gwanju, South Korea. Following her 3km race, her vibrant energy continued and she undoubtedly, was one of the most happiest swimmers at the event! She made everyone around her smile! 🙂
    Good luck Mayra!

  • Mayra Santos

    Mayra Santos


    I’m grateful to you for the attentive words. I must tell you I am extremely moved. I’m a bit emotional.
    Thank you so much guys??
    I miss you ✌??✌??

  • JoãoPita



    Força Mayra!

  • eduardo ivens

    eduardo ivens


    Parabéns! Saúde e fé !

  • Raquel Oliveira

    Raquel Oliveira


    Mayra minha amiga… sempre foi uma mulher alegre, lutadora, simpática, esforçada e um exemplo a seguir. Merece ganhar todos os prémios pois tudo o que ela faz vem de muito trabalho, dedicação e paixão por aquilo que faz. Força minha querida. Continua a ser uma inspiração oara todos.

  • Raquel Oliveira

    Raquel Oliveira


    Para todos… desculpa o engano.




    Mayra Santos é a pessoa mais apropriada para receber este prêmio. Uma pessoa de caráter, lutadora e com muita garra. Uma inspiração para todas as mulheres e um exemplo para todos.

  • carla santos

    carla santos


    Por tudo que tens feito pela Madeira, tu merece isso e muito mais.

  • augusto gomes

    augusto gomes


    You are amazing

  • carmenmss



    Mayra Santos é uma inspiração para todas as mulheres e um exemplo de dedicação e persistência para todos.

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