NOAA “Wave Safe With Bruckner Chase” Series

noaa wave safe with bruckner chase series

The NOAA National Weather Service and Bruckner Chase teamed up to create a series of safety videos called "Wave Safe with Bruckner Chase."


Bruckner Chase and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration creatively stepped into this vacuum of information and produced the NOAA National Weather Service "Wave Safe With Bruckner Chase" Series. This groundbreaking series of demographically and geographically specific videos offers a plethora of visual assets and educational materials that is easy to understand and remember.

Why it was nominated

For addressing specific hazards and risk factors along the coasts of American East Coast, the American Pacific Northwest, Southern California, Hawaii and American Samoa, for sharing and teaching actions that people can take and specific behaviors that people can adapt, and for taking a lifetime of experiences as a lifeguard and ocean athlete and transforming them to an impactful series of short educational videos that can literally save lives and empower people at the shore to make good choices for themselves and others


United States

Type of Offering


The Creator(s)

Bruckner Chase


  • Dave Krogman

    Dave Krogman

    January 4, 2021

    A very welcoming crew looking to create a community of ocean aware open water swimmers

  • Lisa Thompson

    Lisa Thompson

    January 6, 2021

    Always a professional and knowledgeable person in Bruckner. He is very passionate about water safety for the swimmer and the environment.

  • Carolyn S Humphrey

    Carolyn S Humphrey

    January 7, 2021

    Good luck our grandson is compassionate
    About. saving the ocean and everything in it……./

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