OceanFit by Andre Slade – World Open Water Swimming Association

Andre Slade of OceanFit saw a need to encourage and educate new open water swimmers as the pools were closing for COVID-19, so he created a series of in-person trainings free of cost.



When the COVID-19 pandemic slowed things down on dryland and with open water swimming events, Andre Slade of OceanFit sped up, big-time. When pools were closed, swimmers flocked to the open water and sought information and camaraderie among like-minded aquatic enthusiasts. OceanFit filled that vacuum and helped make open water swimming accessible to an entirely new slew of open water swimmers throughout Australia. Training programs were offered for free, up-to-date information on events and virtual swims were shared with over 13,000 swimmers.

Why it was nominated

For launching the ONSHORE podcast featuring 39 interviews from Victoria to Queensland that share stories from Australia’s east coast, for growing a Social Swimming Group directory to generate a more enlightened and educated swimming community, for launching domestic swimming holiday programs including Swim The Whitsundays, Swim Keppel Island and Swim Magnetic Island, and for taking a leadership role in exponentially growing the Australian open water swimming community with innovative programs and at unprecedented rates,



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The Creator(s)

Andre Slade

  • 01/04/2021

    Thanks Andre for representing the diverse nature of the ocean swimming community! Your podcasts are great and your website has brought so many together…. a superb way to plan a holiday as a ‘swim tourist’.

    • V



      Andre is passionate and knowledgeable and he’s created a tribe and a network not to mention amazing tips and info. Thank you Andre! You started me on this ocean swimming adventure!

  • Vince O'Keeffe

    Vince O'Keeffe


    Andre has helped increase my open water confidence. Thank you Andre your podcasts have been invaluable.

  • 01/04/2021

    Thanks Andre for inspiring my love of Ocean Swimming and giving me the skills to enjoy it to the max!

  • Melanie



    So inspirational in his way of teaching and passion for helping people get the most out their swimming and push themselves safely.

  • Katie



    Andre and his wife helped me prepare for my first open swim race . They’ve taught me skills I haven’t forgotten. They deserve this award also for overcoming obstacles during covid and reinventing their business to suit it.

  • Andre Scott

    Andre Scott


    I was a lifelong pool swimmer who wanted to explore the open water with more confidence. Andre taught me more in one session than I could ever have hoped for. I have since been back for multiple extension programs. His knowledge and exceptional teaching style has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of open water swimming.

  • Antoinette Inguanti

    Antoinette Inguanti


    Thanks Andre for representing the diverse nature of the ocean swimming community! You and all your contributions to this wonderful nature filled sport and your teachings are so inspirational. You encourage people of all ages to participate with care…. a superb way to start everyday!