Pablo Fernández Álvarez (Spain) – World Open Water Swimming Association

Pablo Fernández Álvarez is a multiple Guinness World Record holder who is creative in searching for new distances and disciplines to push boundaries in the open water.


Pablo Fernández Álvarez completed history’s longest and fastest ocean swim. With winds blowing between 10-15 knots and the 1-3 feet ocean waves in 29°C water, he swam 238 km in 24 hours off the shores of Florida in the Gulf Stream. The currents were going so fast, he swam 100 meters every 40 seconds for 24 consecutive hours. He covered 250 km (155.34 miles) in 26 hours 36 minutes, swimming the first 100 km in 11 hours 7 minutes and the first 200 km in 21 hours 21 minutes while raising over €50,000.

Why he was nominated

For being so creative and relentless in seeking a combination of speed and distance in the world’s oceans and for identifying a unique location to set another one of his Guinness World Records.




Man of the Year


Pablo Fernández Álvarez

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