Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay Across The Catalina Channel

Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay Across The Catalina Channel

Chris Dahowski, Mike Vovk, David Hartmire and Jen Schumacher (shown on left) will do a Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay across the Catalina Channel.

What is a Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay?

A Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay is a swim where any number of athletes completes consecutive point-to-point solo swims or circumnavigations of any duration, length or type in an open body of water and where each swimmer starts after being touched by the previous swimmer who has cleared the water.

In the case of Chris Dahowski, Mike Vovk, David Hartmire and Jen Schumacher, each of their legs is going to be a one-way crossing of the Catalina Channel.

With each swimmer independently following the rules of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation, they will collectively attempt their unprecedented Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay where each swimmer can only start after being touched by their teammate who has just cleared the water on the previous leg. So wherever and whenever their teammates land that is where the next swimmer begins.

The team explained their event here. Dahowski further explains, “The logistics are more difficult than training for the channel. We have four separate support teams for each swimmer, numbering at least 80 people.”

The transitions between each leg are the most difficult logistically. We are going to have the next swimmer swim in with the previous swimmer as they finish their leg of the channel. So once their teammate has cleared the land per the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation rules, the next swimmer will be tagged and will begin their leg. So we will all be at the mercy of not only the elements, but also somewhat of our own teammates. It is a great event and we’ve all been training together, so we are looking forward to this. We’ve received great support for this from the entire community.”

The team is doing this charity swim as a benefit for the Mission of Jay Nolan Community Services that enable individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Developmental Disabilities to live fulfilling lives by providing support services customized to their individual needs.

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