Cool California Characters - Darrin Connolly

Cool California Characters – Darrin Connolly

There are well-known open water swimming waterways around the world: Sandycove Island (Ireland), Strait of Messina (Sicily), Cape Town (South Africa), Dover Harbour (England), Seven Mile Beach (Grand Cayman), Copacabana Beach (Rio de Janeiro) and Aquatic Park (San Francisco).

While there are well-known personalities in each of these venues volunteering their time, Darrin Connolly from Milpitas, California may have the ultimate job for a passionate open water aficionado: he gets paid to be part and parcel of the Bay swimming community. He is employed to be out there in the open water.

The talented and personable San Francisco resident is not only an Open Water Swimming Instructor at City and County of San Francisco Recreation and Parks and a Swim Instructor at University of California San Francisco, he was also the former Swim Commissioner at South End Rowing Club.

A member of the Night Train Swimmers, Connolly has done a number of swims in and around San Francisco Bay and Lake Tahoe as well in the Farallon Islands and the Maui Channel Swim. He explains his allure the Farallon Islands, “The Farallones present a very beautiful and challenging route to swim that very few people get the chance to attempt. The Farallon Islands themselves are very well known and make for a great conversation.”

The community that Connolly plays such a key role in appeals to his sense of teamwork as a former basketball player and his love for outdoor adventure. “Regarding relay swims in the open water, I love the camaraderie of team sports as well as being in and on the wild Pacific Ocean.”

A great job for the right man at the right time.

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Steven Munatones