Cool Old-School Goggles For Open Water Swimmers

Cool Old-School Goggles For Open Water Swimmers

Keo Nakama, an inductee in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, was a multi-sport star and one of the greatest swimmers of his era.

And, boy, did he use some classic goggles. Too bad manufacturers don’t make those anymore. Who cares about fit, when you look cool?

Marilyn Bell of Canada (shown on left) and Florence Chadwick (shown on right) also seemed to wear similar goggles on their marathon swims (in Lake Ontario in Canada and the Catalina Channel, respectively).

As we reminisce about old-school googles, we should not forget these important dates in 2011:

• January 16th: 84th anniversary of George Young’s swim across the Catalina Channel
• May 4th: 83rd anniversary of Mercedes Gleitze’s swim across the Strait of Gibraltar
• July 19th: Qualification Swim for the 2012 London Olympics 10K Marathon Swim
• July 27th: 64th anniversary of Tom Blower’s swim across the North (Irish) Channel
• August 6th: 85th anniversary of Gertrude Ederle’s swim across the English Channel
• August 9th: One year until the Women’s Olympic 10K Marathon Swim
• August 10th: One year until the Men’s Olympic 10K Marathon Swim
• August 24th: 136th anniversary of Captain Matthew Webb’s swim across the English Channel and the 34th anniversary of Lynne Cox’s Bering Strait swim from Alaska to Russia
• September 29th: 50th anniversary of Keo Nakama’s swim across the Molokai Channel
• November 20th: 49th anniversary of Barry Devonport’s swim across the Cook Strait in New Zealand

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