Cool Stuff Around The World In The Open Water

Cool Stuff Around The World In The Open Water

The British have their UK Cold Water Swimming Championships; the Finish organize relays; the Czechs train and compete year-round.

The Estonians do it. The South Africans do it up at high altitude (1260 meters) and the Americans enjoy it from the shores of New York and Boston to high up in the western mountains where California and Nevada meet.

The Gar Woods Polar Bear Swim is a ‘Mardi Gras In The Mountains’ and part of the fun-filled, 10-day Lake Tahoe Snowfest held on March 5th.

The 250-yard swim to the end of the pier and back is usually held in 39°F (4°C) water at 6229-feet (1898-meter) altitude in Carnelian Bay in north Lake Tahoe.

Photos courtesy of Gar Woods Grill & Pier.

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Steven Munatones