Copacabana Beach For the 2016 Rio Olympics Marathon Swim

Copacabana Beach For the 2016 Rio Olympics Marathon Swim

With less than four years to go before the next Olympic 10K Marathon Swim, the Brazilian hosts of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games are fine-tuning their plans for an outstanding marathon swim on Copacabana Beach.

The expectations are high after the British showcased the sport in Hyde Park.

And it appears the Brazilians are up to the task.

The venue at Copacabana Beach is outstanding; the natural curvature of the shoreline, the wide expanse of soft white sand and the famous boardwalk will frame the sport in one of the world’s most famous beaches.

The Brazilian spectators are quite knowledgeable. Their enthusiasm and good cheer for athletes of every nation is augmented by pulsating music and enthusiastic announcing. The local television cameramen are gaining expertise on how best to showcase open water swimming in a dynamic ocean.

But what is most interesting may be the fact that the ocean conditions are variable. Fog, waves, cold spells, lightening, winds, swells and currents may appear. If so, it will test the world’s best open water swimmers and the best-prepared athletes will need to be ready for almost everything at the 2016 Rio Olympics marathon swim.

It will be very interesting to see what venues and what qualification procedures FINA will decide in order to select the top 25 open water athletes for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Stay tuned.

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