Corinna Nolan, A Woman Of Extreme Talents

Corinna Nolan, A Woman Of Extreme Talents

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Corinna Nolan from Bray, Ireland has been pushing herself to all sorts of extremes, physically and mentally.

The Irish Ice Ironwoman completed an Ironman triathlon in Austria in 2015 and another Ironman triathlon in Barcelona in 2017. On January 27th 2017, she completed her first Ice Kilometer at the Wild Water Armagh under the auspices of International Ice Swimming Association Ireland.

Today, she completed her first Ice Mile in Lough Dan under the supervision of Fergal Somerville and the Eastern Bay Swim Team and became the first Irish Ice Ironwoman in history.

Other Ice Ironwomen include Conny Prasser‪ of Germany, Claire Bustin-Mulkern‪ of the UK, Kellie Joyce Latimer‪ of the USA, and Jaimie Monahan‪ of the USA.

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