Coronavirus Survey In The United States

Coronavirus Survey In The United States

Courtesy of Englander Institute of Precision Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine.

This Coronavirus Survey questionnaire is designed to identify potential geographic areas in which the coronavirus is spreading in the United States.

Professors Eran Segal, Yuval Dor, and Benjamin Geiger write, “Participants in this survey are asked about your symptoms. This will help locate areas with a high number of infected people. Please fill out the questionnaire every day whether you experience symptoms or not. Feel free to send it to your family members, friends, and contacts.

Note that this questionnaire cannot diagnose coronavirus infection. It is anonymous and all the data will be used solely for helping track the spread of the virus. We are taking every measure to safeguard the privacy of participants. This is a fully anonymous survey: URL or IP addresses will not be recorded nor maintained in any way.

You can participate in the survey here

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