Counting The Ways To Have Fun In The Open Water

Counting The Ways To Have Fun In The Open Water

Laura Colette explained the joy she experiences before, during and after she does open water swims:

I woke up with 1 huge allergy/sinus headache and figured that 1 frontal lobotomy wouldn’t fix it. I have 2 giant schnauzers that needed to go out or I would have 1 massive mess. So I took 2 Nyquil for 4 hours of doped sleep and instantly became the rest of the 7 Dwarfs:

I was already Sneezy, Itchy, Scratchy and Grumpy – I added Sleepy, Dopey and Doc. I counted snow flakes from the butt end of the storm and realized that I wouldn’t have to shovel 18-24 inches.

When I finally got up, I tried to put 2 legs into 1 leg hole in my sweats (that division doesn’t work) and my hoodie on backwards (subtraction?) I guess so I could keep things in the hood handy.. – did I tell you that two Nyquil make me Dopey?

I had 3 cups of coffee to fight off the effects of the Nyquil and fixed 2 bowls of dog breakfast, then I had 1 yogurt for human breakfast. I then got all 3 of us in the truck, 2 schnauzers and me and went to the pool where the ‘music’ took over.

99 bottles of beer on the wall in 7 languages 3x each…plus 1 real workout. After my swim, Jacuzzi and stay in the steam room, I could breathe. Infinitely amazing (I don’t have enough fingers to count this.)

Just remember that even on days that you don’t want to swim, if you aren’t having fun, rethink the equation

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